The Booze Brothers Staff Charitable Fund began in April, 2002. It was formed after the serious illness of a member of the staff.

Funds were raised initially to assist in his recovery and ongoing support of his education. From this, the staff decided to approach management with a view to have an ongoing commitment to charity.

The Foundation is proudly supported by staff from Booze Brothers Botttleshops and Saturno Group Hotels, the Directors and friends of the Foundation.

The aim of the Foundation is to support wherever possible South Australian Charities and Community Groups by way of donations for equipment, sponsorship of particular projects and other needs that may arise in the community.

Our funds come mainly from our staff, the generosity of our sponsors and Directors, though we also conduct other fundraising events throughout the year.

The charities we have supported total more than 80 individual groups. The Foundation prides itself on seeking out and supporting those charities that are less known and in desperate need of funds. Our commitment to Guide Dogs SA/NT in particular has been a focus since we began and will continue to be in the future.

The Foundation is very proud of its achievements, we have made a commitment to assist South Australian Charities wherever possible, although all requests are looked at on their own merit.

Our support is far reaching, not stopping at “traditional feel good charities” but rather searching out those who may be less popular and don’t receive the funding they so desperately need. Our donation list reflects this.

The members believe in giving everyone a fair go, and to this end we support, homeless, marginalized, underprivileged children and young adults in crisis. We believe that children in particular are our future and seek to assist charities who give them support on a regular basis.

Guide Dogs SA/NT

Staff Foundation 2012
Last year the Booze Brothers Charitable Fund celebrated its 10th birthday on the 14th of October. 10 years ago at a small presentation, Guide Dogs SA/NT, Royal Society for the Blind, Canteen and Camp Quality were presented with donations totalling $4,500 by the then new "Booze Brothers Staff Charitable Fund". Since then, they have donated over $420,000 to South Australian Charities.
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The Year that Was
Bupa Challenge Ride for Cancer Research - Bob King rides in the challenge to raise money for cancer research.
Guide Dogs SA/NT - 10 years sponsoring 10 dogs.
The Smith Family - 7 years of donations totalling $30,000.
Cora Barclay Centre - Money raised for a children's play area.
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Donations 2012
TAD $2,500
FOOD BANK $3,000
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Presentation - 2013

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