Community Awards

In 2005 the committee investigated the idea of giving an award to a member of the community who volunteers their services to their chosen charity. The award is presented at the Foundation’s end of year presentation in front of members, friends and colleagues of the winner of the award. A donation of $5,000 is presented to the charity they support.

It is humbling to see the worthwhile charity work undertaken by members of our community. Every year, any of the nominated individuals could easily have been presented with this award.

Congratulations to the first five winners of the Booze Brothers Staff Charitable Fund Community Awards!

  • 2009

    Eric Parnis, winner of the BBSCF Community Award.

    Eric, a very humble person, was very surprised to win the award. He has been a volunteer with the society working as a team leader with “Fred’s Van” since the early 90’s. Fred’s Van supports the homeless, offering an evening meal in the city and some fringe areas.

  • 2008

    Peter Wicks, winner of the BBSCF Community Award.

    Peter has spent over 40 years in the service, holding down various senior roles including Brigade Captain, Brigade Captain and currently in the position of Group Officer. Peter is able to inspire others with his can do attitude. As a member of the state wide incident management team, he is often called upon during a major disaster leading a task force or strike teams of CFS Fire Fighters. Back home he is usually the first to arrive and last to leave. To quote his brigade captain “he doesn’t look for or want any accolades, he just wants to get on with the job”.

  • 2007

    Dave Myatt, winner of the BBSCF Community Award.

    Dave had been involved in life saving from the age of 9 years. His commitment to Port Noarlunga Surf Life Saving Club has spanned over 39 years. His devotion to training juniors, transporting equipment to events be it locally or as far as Queensland and WA, over the last 10 years, whilst having a young family himself is quite an achievement. He is constantly undergoing training himself so that he can pass his knowledge onto younger members. He has been club captain for several years. When asked about Dave receiving this award, the Club President’s comment was “Dave lives for the Club”.

  • 2006

    Val Hepworth, winner of the BBSCF Community Award.

    Val was recognized for her many years serving Southern Palliative Care Services. Most of Val’s work is unseen and only a few outside her area truly appreciate what she does. She deals with families of and clients with terminal illness on a daily basis and does so with compassion and respect. She is well respected by both paid professionals and volunteers. She is always prepared to do that little bit extra to benefit clients and other staff. Her husband was also recognized in his support of her volunteer work.

  • 2005

    Patricia Warde, winner of the BBSCF Community Award.

    Patricia had served Riding for the Disabled at Blackwood for nearly 30 years with total commitment to the children it supported. Joined by fellow members of her organization she was pleased to be honoured in such a way and that the recognition of her unwavering support and charity work had enabled her charity to receive much needed funding.